Oystercatcher 12x16inch £300

From Saffron bay 50x12
Appletree Bay from Samson 100x125cm £1500
Towards Samson from New Grimsby 80x120cm £1200
Triptych of Tresco and Bryher. 16x36inchs  (3 panels of 16x12inchs) £850

Samson and sand bars 50x60cm £850

12x16inch works point to Samson £295
Tresco shore 50x60cm £850

From Rushy bay Bryher 60x60cm £950

Old Grimsby 40x120cm £950

Wreck wood and canvas
16x14inch £400
Samson beach 50x60cms
Tresco sand bar
80x80cm £975

From Tresco 50x60cm £800

Samson light 12x16ins £295

Stinking par (bay) 16x12ins £295

Evening light over Samson 16x12ins £295

Samson on Driftwood £395

Rushy bay 16x12inch £295

Appletree Bay from Samson 50x60cm
Samson haunted Isle
16x12in £295

Bar point of Samson 50x60cms £850

Samson from Rushy bay 60x50cm £850

St Agnes over Samson flats from Tresco
50x120cm £1000
Shipmans head Bryher 24x24inch

12x16inch £295

12x16inch £295

Samson and sand bars 3ft x 2ft £995
Heading down through Tresco channel
100x100cm £1400

Blue fishing boat 100x100cm £1400

Blue boat St Martins beach 16x12inch
Looking west
100 x 100cm

Summer shallows 40x100cm

That red fishing boat
60x60cm £950
Samson moored off Samson
16x12ins £295

Netting into stinking par Bryher 60x60cm box canvas

Hell bay Bryher 16x12inches £295

Periglis St Agnes 24x24inches £950
Hells bay wild sea 24x24inches £850

lone sail boat 24x24 inches £800

samson light 24x24 inches £850